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Ricotta Pancakes:

Pancakes with Bacon & maple syrup: £11 DGE

Pancakes with Greek Yoghurt & fruit compote: £10 DGE

Pancakes with maple syrup & Greek Yoghurt: £9DGE

Pancakes with maple syrup: £7.50 DGE


House cured salmon, scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes & toast: £13.50 E D F G


Bacon, sausage & scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes & toast £12ED


Bacon, scrambled eggs, roast cherry tomatoes, & toast £10ED


Scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes & toast: £8.50 E D G


Avocado & halloumi on toast. One whole avocado, grilled halloumi cheese, cherry tomatoes & basil: £11.50 G


Avocado on toast. One whole avocado, mashed with lime and served with seeds, cherry tomatoes & basil: £9.50 G


Bacon sandwich – Three rashers in a homemade bread: £8 DG


Toast and butter – with jam or marmalade: £3 D G


Banana bread: £2.50 DEG


Orange Juice: £3

Americano £3

Cappuccino £3.50

Latte/Flat White £3.50

Hot chocolate £3.50

Espresso £2

Mocha £3.50

Tea £2.50 (English breakfast, Earl grey, Lemon & ginger, Green, camomile)

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